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Sinclair Williams

Commission of Dartmouth's first black police officer Sinclar Williams

Abraham Beverley Walker

20"x24" 2021 Acrylic on Canvas Commission for The Maritime Edit

The Maritime Edit

Volume 17 Summer 2021

Painting with Headstone of Abraham Beverley Walker at unveiling June 2021

Painting donated to the New Brunswick Black History Society by The Maritime Edit. Click for link

My Grandmothers Days

36"x 48" 2020 Oil on Canvas Commission for The Delmore “Buddy” Daye Learning Institute

Book Cover for My Grandmother's Days

From DBDLI website: "Mrs. Viola L. Parsons did a great thing in writing My Grandmother’s Days in 1987. She became one of the few Scotians – African Nova Scotians or Africadians – to tell younger people how our culture developed and of what if consisted. – George Elliott Clarke, O.C., O.N.S., PhD., LLD, 7th Parliamentary Poet Laureate (2016 & 2017)." Book available below

2019 Trendsetter Awards
2019 Trendsetter Awards

Artist with the Award Recipients

The Coast Cover - Walking to Africville

Collage cover & article written on the difficulties in accessing what was once a historical black community on foot. Link Below.

Sketches for The Journey Continues By Craig Marshall Smith

Published 2011

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